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Kingz Court Entertainment
Category Kingz Court TV - KODI Build Project
Target amount 500
Current amount 225
Ending date Nov 13

Latest donations

William Bushee Jul 29, 01:57PM
Amount: USD20
5512 Jun 19, 10:46PM
Amount: USD20
Brad Smith Jun 10, 10:00AM
Amount: USD35
Benjamin May 30, 09:45PM
Amount: USD45
Anita&Larry May 18, 09:57PM
Amount: USD25
gordon Apr 30, 10:21PM
Amount: USD75

Project description

The Motto of Kingz Court TV has always been "Built With Everyone In Mind, No-One Left Behind"

We intend for the ongoing support and improvements to be free for its users.

There's a cost of time and money for the parties involved with maintaining the Kingz Court TV KODI build. These individuals take care of the following areas of the build. 

*Remote Support Sessions

*Adding/Removing Add-ons

*Managing Links & Menus 

*Research & Development

*Local Server Maintenance

*Remote Server Yearly Cost

If there was no focus on maintaining this project, over a period of time Kingz Court TV would slowly become stagnant, not useful, and ultimately fail to load for its users.


This is why it's necessary to encourage our users to support our efforts by Funding This Project, or Purchasing Other Services & Streaming Devices we offer.

Depending on how this Funding Project goes, on November 15, 2018, we'll be reviewing our obligations to the community as a whole. If we're not able to meet our target amount the build could be shut down for the bulk of its users. If that was to happen users that funded the project wouldn't be affected.

Every administrator, developer and user playing their role ensures that Kingz Court TV continues to Keep Everyone In Mind & Leave No-One Left Behind.


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