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    Kingz Court Entertainment » Kingz Court Entertainment IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO KINGZ COURT TV KODI BUILD USERS We all failed the creators of Kingz Court TV, it’s very sad! This is not a personal tactic on any one person. I'm working on bringing things back up on my own merits but it takes time. I couldn't gain enough support to assist with keeping the build going without interruption. I'm working on something on the back end but it might take a few days to complete. There will be instructions how to update to the new build version, it will show automatically when I complete the hard work. Everyone using Kingz Court TV is out of commission in the meantime. There's been a note showing in the background all year letting people know what was going to happen. Still if we can hit our goal at http://Kodi-Is.Better-Than.TV everything can instantly be turned back on. Meanwhile if not, we all have to wait until the update is complete and we'll see the instructions on how to update. When that time comes, I will personally assist anyone if help is needed. It will be a simple 1-2-3 process to complete. No money required but donations are always needed to do this work. Don't shut down your Kodi because it won't load back up into the Kingz Court TV skin. If you're already experiencing that you can still click Add-ons under Video and will be able to use to Add-ons that have already been installed in Kodi. DON’T RESPOND, JUST WAIT OR DONATE….