AT&T 4G LTE & 5GE Sim Activation - For RV's, Truckers, & Rural Areas (25 GB Data Plan)

We help people who live in remote locations around the country to find a better solution to high speed internet.  Whether you live in a location where traditional wired internet has never been established, travel the country in an RV, or have a cabin in a remote location, we can help keep you connected to high speed internet using one of our unlimited data cellular hotspots.

It's not limited to only hotspots.This plan will work on your tablet or phone, now you can game, browse and watch as many videos as you like on the go without any restrictions.

Is there a contract to sign?  How long can I keep the service?

No contract!  No credit check!

And you can keep the service for as many months/years as you'd like.

 AT&T Unlimited Data SETUP + SIM

******SIM cards available, any size and cheaper than your local drugstore by a mile! Just select at checkout******

What you will be purchasing today is an account setup with AT&T so you can get unlimited 5GE internet for just $34.99 per month. (Your first month of service is not included in the price you will need an extra $34.99 on your debit/credit card for your first month which will be paid to AT&T during your account setup.)

Here is how the process will work...

1. After purchase send me your full name, address and zip code, I will link the IMEI number to your identity and send you a google document.

2. Follow the steps in the google document to make your payment.

Well That's it, It's really that simple…

These are data only plans with speeds from 15-200 Megabits per second.

-Service speed will depend on the area where you live.

-Please verify AT&T service is available in your area

and that this plan is compatible with your device.

-Your SIM CARD cannot be used for TEXTING OR PHONE CALLS 


Q: Are there any caps or throttling


Q: Can I use this data plan for my primary internet at home?

A: Yes. I suggest checking in to an LTE modem (the wireless option may be separate). There are a few good ones available from Netgear and MoFi Network. Otherwise, a mobile hotspot may suit your needs as well.

Q: Why is it taking over an hour to get back to me?

A: I'm sorry! This is my side gig and not my main job so I won't be available at every second, however, I will do my best to stay in touch with you. (I have the eBay app). My time zone is Eastern New York.

Q: As a seller, what are you responsible for?

A: Seller's Responsibility:

-Option 1: Setting up the AT&T account with your provided SIM card number, giving you account credentials.

-Option 2: Setting up the AT&T account with a provided SIM card, giving you account credentials and mailing the SIM card to your verified address.

-Option 3: Mailing the replacement SIM card to your verified address. I am not responsible for your own provided device not working in any way - at&t unlimited seller didn’t sell it to you.

Q: How will I know this will work on my device?

A: Typically any tablet, iPad, phone, mobile hotspot or LTE modem that says it will work with AT&T will work. These devices could also be "unlocked" which means they're free to be used on all or most carriers. Please do your research, especially if you plan to use a device you're not familiar with.

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