Story of Jesus (S1;Ep3) @ZoeTalesByLonzoeYoung

On this journey of a Man who grew up in the same neighborhood as His peers, He announces Himself to be the Son of God and is set out to fulfill His mission of saving the world from sin. Even though He gathered immense attention and a following by performing miracles, using wise parables, & healing the ill, He would ruffle some feathers along the way. Many of His peers and authorities of law(Pharisees/Police) believed that He was blasphemous for His non-traditional approaches of ministering along with His claims being The Messiah. With blasphemy being punishable by death during these ancient times, how will His peers react to such bold claims of Him being The Son of God or Messiah?

A short film webisode series based on historical events, narrated in rhythmic urban poetic fashion. Historical stories for kids AND adults. For ALL demographics, no matter what age, race, religion/non-religion, gender, sexual orientation, economic/social status, political stance, job description, country you're from, etc. Everyone is welcome.


The Wall

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