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Mercenary Tech "The Mad Scientist"
Since we've now sent the site into production mode, I'm moving my mindset into Tech The Audio/Video Engineer. I have about 5 unfinished songs with videos that G Scrill and I produced together During Mid 2011. There's so much going to be involved with bringing this to life, I can't begin to speak on it. Basically I will be focus driving on mixing/mastering songs/beats, making sure the sound is just right. Then pulling in Video Footage I recorded of him at different locations that day, chopping them up, and trying to tell a story at the same time.

Hope I'll be alright, I should.., Just saying, haven't seen my brother in a long time, nor will I be able to again in the flesh. These audio/video projects that I'm had recent dreams about will be the first time I've seen Scrill in a long time, just with the different action takes, and studio record takes. Scrill was dear to me and this work that I'm about to put in will be hard. I want to do, give it my all, that's it.

The only song/video that I completed and uploaded from the bunch when it was fresh was

Mic Check - Feat: G Scrill


Mercenary Tech "The Mad Scientist"
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