The Truth about 12 Critical Biochemical Components We Need to Stay Alive - Tissue Salts, Histology & Demystifying Alchem


In this podcast Steve chats with Adrian about the 12 Tissue Salts, also known as Schuessler Cell Salts. There are 27 in total, and 12 are primary.

These tissue salts are minerals in energy form and are the building blocks of the body, that allow the transmutation of energy into matter, your physical body.
They are not to be thought of as supplements, or medicine, but as the very material your body is made of. If they are present in adequate quantities then we experience health as our bodies can correct and repair themselves, as they are designed to.
When they are deficient, we have health problems, and when they run out, we wont live long. We discover how the date of being born when viewed through the astrological chart helps us learn what tissue salts we lack, and also which we can take in order to resolve health problems.


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