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Social selling in 2023 is WHATS UP!!!!, YOU can join the last one with me & be a part of it all! Let’s chat!

Google: 1 Billion in 5 years

Facebook: 1 Billion in 6 years

Spotify: 1 Billion in 8 years

Netflix: 1 Billion in 10 years

Apple: 1 Billion in 14 years

MONAT: 3 Billion in 8.5 years

If you didn’t know this by now, I’ve been partnered with the #1 Premium Global Beauty brand that started up July 2022.

If you keep thinking that Monat makes your hair falls out, or you keep believing what other people tell you without actually giving it a try for yourself, you will remain just like everyone else.

If you don’t want to trust Monat because of lawsuits, well how about not trusting the other products you have in your household that also have lawsuits but nobody is going to talk about that…

If you do your research and look up whatever brand you’re currently using and look up lawsuits, there sure is going to be some.