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Mercenary Tech "The Mad Scientist"
This playlist was created to address some of the biggest questions about the Apollo Group IPTV platform. Feel free to ask any other questions, I answer them here directly.


Get Started With Apollo Group IPTV @ http://CheapTV.Is-Found.org

Reach Out - Everyday 6am-9pm (MT) - LIVE CHAT On Site if you need support on Windows, Android, or iOS devices.

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Kingz Court Entertainment

*New Apollo Group IPTV App For Android (Startup Show)*

Android Mobile: https://apg.ooo/ss.apk ;

Android TV / FireStick: https://apg.ooo/sstv.apk

M3U URL: tv4.live/api/list/EMAIL/PASSWORD

EPG URL: Leave empty

EXAMPLE: If your email is best@gmail.com and password 1234

then your M3U URL will be: tv4.live/api/list/best@gmail.com/1234

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Kingz Court Entertainment

Airstar TV app has been discontinued by the developer of the app but don’t worry there’s a much better working app compatible with our service called "startup show".  

Startup show uses strong encryption support (TLS 1.2+) keeping our users privacy more secure than ever and offers several new and improved features.  Visit our faq (hyperlink) to install the new app on your devices. 

The old Webplayer (player.vpnmate.com) has been changed to the new address of (https://player.tv4.live)

To login use the URL: "tv4.live/api/list/YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS/YOUR_PASSWORD"

i.e: tv4.live/api/list/david@gmail.com/superman123

ApolloGroup, Watch for the best!

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