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How To Install:On Various Devices

1. Research Page & Try The Service Out First. Make sure it works.

2. To Purchase Subscription, Click your Term of Choice to Complete.

3. Use provided Credentials to access Apollo Group IPTV from anywhere.

      $14/Monthly-$41/3 Months-$79/6 Months-$149/1 Year

The Apollo Group is a developer and provider of premium content services and technology platforms for connected devices and Smart TV's. Access 2,000+ Reliable Live Channels, PPV Events, Huge Library of On-Demand Movies, and TV Shows all from Dedicated Servers in HD.

Apollo Group IPTV is going way beyond the cultural, educational and traditional arenas of entertainment that are controlled by cable and satellite providers and limited by infrastructure and territorial restrictions. There's multiple ways to enjoy this IPTV streaming platform.

Knowledge Base & Help Center (FAQs)


Android TV:Setup Guides

Android Device:Setup Guides

Android Box (Startup Show):Download

Android Mobile (Startup Show):Download

Amazon Fire Device (Startup Show):Setup

Amazon Fire Device (Startup Show):Download

Amazon Fire Device (TiviMate):Setup Guide

Amazon Fire Device (XCiptv):Setup Guide

iPhone/iPad/AppleTV:Setup Guides

Smart TV Support:Installing on Smart TV’s

KODI App:Installing in KODI

Adding to VLC Player:Setup Guide

M3U List / URL Guide:Setup Guide

Plex Media Center:Plex Media Server Setup

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Todays EU Sport Events

Channel Status

Network Status

Knowledge Base & Help Center

Re-sellers of Apollo Group TV subscriptions, we're not the company.

Chat is only to be used for activating or renewing subscriptions.

View the comments of this page for useful Support Links.

Live Support Available Everyday 8am - 12am EST.

Kingz Court Entertainment
Oct 23 '19
*NEW Apollo Group Android App (Startup Show)* https://hubcity.kingzcourt.biz/forum/topic/2
Kingz Court Entertainment
Nov 29 '19
*New Apollo Group IPTV App For Android (Startup Show)*

Android Mobile: https://apg.ooo/ss.apk ;

Android TV / FireStick: https://apg.ooo/sstv.apk

M3U URL: tv4.live/api/list/EMAIL/PASSWORD

EPG URL: Leave empty

EXAMPLE: If your email is best@gmail.com and password 1234

then your M3U URL will be: tv4.live/api/list/best@gmail.com/1234
*New Apollo Group IPTV App For Android (Startup Show)*

Android Mobile: https://apg.ooo/ss.apk...See more
Kingz Court Entertainment
Dec 16 '19
Apollo Group TV (Support Links)

Telegram Annoucements: http://tiny.cc/ApolloAnnounce

Support Forum: https://forum.apollogroup.tv

Discord Support Chat: https://discordapp.com/invite/6sda5Eu
Apollo Group TV (Support Links)

Telegram Annoucements: http://tiny.cc/ApolloAnnounce
...See more
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