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Mercenary Tech "The Mad Scientist"
Took the fam for a evening trip to Bartlett Lake Flats. While there we got you some beautiful Drone Footage an 360 Video. Enjoy the list.

President of @HubCityDJs aka 'The Gatekeeper' - Unsung hero and Counselor to some. Throwback Chittlin' Circuit Creator and now Scholar for the Future. All genre's, from Hip Hop to House.

Links to install the latest version of Startup Show or Apollo Group TV for Android are below.

Use direct download links below via a web browser on your device to download (i.e. Downloader App) and update to the latest versions.

Startup Show App (Android Mobile): https://apk.apg.ooo/ss.apk

Startup Show (Firestick, Android TV): https://apk.apg.ooo/sstv.apk

Apollo Group App (Android Mobile): https://apk.apg.ooo/ap.apk

Apollo Group App (Firestick, Android TV): https://apk.apg.ooo/aptv.apk

Alternatively if you have an Android TV device with the Google Play built-in then download Startup Show STB application directly from it.


Staff Jun 23 '21 · Tags: apollo group iptv
Kingz Court Entertainment

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Kingz Court Entertainment

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Kingz Court Entertainment

This playlist of Deepfake related videos explores the evolution of the (AI) art-form. Placed in order of Newest - Oldest videos to come online.

Deepfake(a portmanteauof "deep learning" and "fake") is a technique for human image synthesis based on artificial intelligence. It is used to combine and superimpose existing images and videos onto source images or videos using a machine learning technique known as generative adversarial network. The phrase "deepfake" was coined in 2017.

Because of these capabilities, deepfakes have been used to create fake celebrity pornographic videos or revenge porn. Deepfakes can also be used to create fake news and malicious hoaxes.

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